High Quality, Customizable Ceramic Coatings

Novel Flame Assisted Flash Sintering (FAFS) for ceramic-on-metal surfaces

“FAFS” is a breakthrough technology enabling rapid sintering of ceramic to metal with dramatically improved adhesion and hardness.

Engi-Mat’s patented FAFS process enables control of:
  • Density
  • Adhesion
  • Porosity
  • Hardness
Flame tip

Increased Hardness and Adhesion

FAFS’ high ceramic-to-metal adhesion far exceeds that of thermal spray techniques. Vickers hardness estimates (GPa):

Applicable wherever ceramic coatings are applied to metals

Proven broad material capability

Optimization of Thermal Conductivity

FAFS allows coatings to be tailored as desired.

Density/porosity can be closely controlled to maximize or minimize heat transfer as required. SEM images of YSZ on SST shown above.