About Us


Engi-Mat was originally founded in Georgia in 1994 and is now located in Lexington, Kentucky. On January 1, 2019, its two former entities, nGimat Co (Georgia) and nGimat LLC (Kentucky) were merged into one new company, Engi-Mat Co, a Delaware corporation. We remain dedicated to providing unique solutions to our customers through the application of our expertise in nanomaterials, materials science, and combustion.


Engi-Mat is dedicated to developing cost-effective solutions to the most difficult challenges in our core areas of nanomaterials, materials science, and combustion. We are focused on providing nanomaterials solutions where other techniques fall short on performance or are cost prohibitive. We look forward to addressing and helping to solve your unique materials challenges.


Engi-Mat has approximately 50 U.S. patents covering its raw materials, processes, equipment, composition of matter, intermediate products and final products. The Engi-Mat team’s know-how, technical depth and industry experience enable us to provide customer-specific solutions to satisfy diverse technical requirements.


The company has alliances and relationships with industry leaders in various market segments.


Engi-Mat offers its customers:


Engi-Mat maintains an active program of government-funded development work with support from entities that include the following

Engi-Mat offers technology licensing, custom manufacturing, and funded research programs to support our customers’ diverse needs. Please contact us to discuss how our technology and expertise can best meet your requirements. For more information, please email us at contact@Engi-Mat.com.